Things you need to know if you are a history lover….

Things you need to know if you are a history lover…

History is the study of past events and we often get bore studying it….but history in reality isn’t for studying rather it’s for enjoying…so here are some great facts for history lovers…so let’s go down and read….

1 Albert Einstein was offered the role of Israel’s second president, but he declined!!

2 Humans have been hunter-gatherers for most of their history….that is 99%!

3 This one sounds strange but is true….we are living in the most peaceful time of all human history.

4 The pyramids were built by paid laborers. Not slaves. That’s a myth by Herodotus, the Greek historian.

5 Over a million Europeans were captured and sold as slaves to  North Africa between 1530 and 1780.

6 If Earth’s history were condensed into 24 hours, life would’ve appeared at 4am, land plants at 10:24pm, dinosaur extinction at 11:41pm and humanhistory would’ve begun at 11:58:43pm.

And the conclusion is life is short…we shouldlive it to the fullest.
7 There are more people in slavery todaythan at any time in human history

8 During WW2, India produced the largest volunteer Army in world history: over 2.5 millionmen. At least 38 Indians received the Victoria Cross or the George Cross.

 9 The first person in history whose name we know is “Kushim,” an accountant from Mesopotamia who lived around 3200 B.C.
10 Hitler adopted the vegetarian diet and stood against the animal cruelty.
11 If you have read Bhagvad Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharata then you will realize that there is not even a single text which mentions the word “Hindu”. It was a name which was given by foreigners because our land was on other side of river “Indus” and hence came the name “Hindu”. But eventually, some people made it a religion.
12 Mahatma Gandhi is not the Father of the nation.
Indians widely describe Gandhi as the father of the nation. The title “The Father of the Nation” for Gandhi is not an official title and has not been officially accorded by Government of India. An RTI query filed by a 10-year-old girl from Lucknow in February 2012 revealed that PMO has no records of ever according such title to Gandhi. MHA and National Archives of India also communicated of not having any records. Origin of this title is traced back to a radio address (on Singapore radio) on 6 Jul 1944 by Subhash Chandra Bose where Bose addressed Gandhi as “The Father of the Nation”. On 28 Apr 1947, Sarojini Naidu during a conference also referred Gandhi as “Father of the Nation”. The RTI applicant had also pleaded for Gandhi to be officially declared as “Father of the Nation” to which the MHA informed that Gandhi cannot be accorded with the title by Government of India since the Indian constitution does not permit any titles except educational and military titles.

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