CBSE likely to make lockers in schools a must to cut bag load

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to make it mandatory for schools to install lockers for students to keep books they don’t need to take home, hoping to lighten backpacks that have become a health concern for being too heavy.

CBSE, India’s largest board with 18,000 schools affiliated to it, plans to lay down lockers as a prerequisite when it comes up with new affiliation bylaws.

“A number of students and parents have raised this issue and despite us having issued many advisories and directions, a lot still needs to be done. If schools have a locker inside the premises, students will be able to keep books that are not required (at home) in the school itself. The investment by the schools will also be a long-term one and which is why we are planning to link it to affiliation,” said a senior official.

The CBSE has set up a committee to review its affiliation rules to combat commercialization of school education.

With the Board’s curriculum following a two semester system, the government is also considering bringing out NCERT books in two volumes to reduce the burden, sources said. “This plan is at a preliminary stage and requires more discussion. All stakeholders will be consulted before a decision is taken regarding books,” said a senior official.

In the past, CBSE has exhorted students to pack their bags efficiently and asked parents to raise concerns over heavy loads during parent-teacher meetings.

Source: PTI

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