Nitish Kumar: Post-Matric Scholarships to be continued for SC, ST, OBC students

Only genuine students to receive scholarships

He also made it clear that through a proper verification, that the concerned department would ensure that scholarships are given only to “genuine students enrolled in genuine institutions” as instances have been found that students enrolled with “bogus institutions” too have availed scholarships meant for SC categories.

“Misgivings are being spread vis-a-vis post-matriculation scholarship. It will continue till 2016-17. Those (students) who have been availing scholarships will continue to avail it (scholarship) till completion of their education,” Kumar said.

Student Credit Card facility v/s Post Matriculation Scholarship

The CM, however, said that government will carry out study and review about the ‘student credit card scheme’ after the completion of 2017-18 in order to find out whether or not the scheme has benefitted students belonging to SC, ST, EBC and BC. Adding that students cannot avail the benefit of both the schemes, he said that it will be completely “optional” for students to avail either the Student Credit Card facility or the post matriculation scholarship.

“We thought that we will not have to give scholarship to anyone as we have launched a universal credit card scheme for students,” the CM said.

Difference between ‘Student Credit Card’ and ‘Education Loan’

Stating that ‘Student Credit Card’ is completely different from the ‘education loan’ given by banks, Kumar said that state government has come out with the scheme in consultation with banks. “In education loan, the union ministry of HRD gives guarantee to banks on the loan while the state government gives guarantee to banks for not only the ‘credit’ but also gives guarantee on ‘interest’,” he said.

Source: PTI

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