‘Book banks’ to come up in schools soon: Punjab

According to reports, these banks will be set up in all the schools in the state.

To implement this, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the state which were already running book banks, have joined in the initiative to help out children in need.

Reasons for this move:

As per reports the government is deliberating upon ways to get students involves in the process which would reduce in the number of books being printed and preserve the environment.

Here’s what Education Minister Aruna Chaudhary has to say:

“The Education department will set up book banks in all schools of the state in order to save precious time and money of the students,” state Education Minister Aruna Chaudhary said. Furthermore, Chaudhary also said that she would request all the students to submit their old books to give them to the needy ones free of charge.

“Every year, students purchase new books and huge amount of paper is used in printing those. Besides, precious academic time is wasted in the process of printing books. Not only this, students have to spend a considerable amount of money to buy new books,” added Chaudhary.

Moreover, this initiative will be purely on voluntary basis and no student would be bound to give away their old books, the education minister concluded.

Source: PTI

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